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ExxonMobil and Matter of Political Parties Funding in Guyana

Funding issue in Guyana

In an attempt to show its detachment to local politics in Guyana, Rod Henson The Country Manager of ExxonMobil has clarified that the company is not involved in any way to finance a political force in Guyana. Responding to a question by a lady member of a bi-partisan parliamentary committee on natural resources, The Country Manager of US giant oil company ExxonMobil said, “ExxonMobil is not involved in politics in Guyana. We don’t choose sides. We’re apolitical and we are not funding any political party, any political side, any political initiatives,” he said.

As the question was raised by an opposition member Pauline Sukhai about the controversy of ExxonMobil’s involvement in funding a political initiative in the name of Green State Development Strategy which is not yet approved by the National Assembly. The Country Manager Mr. Henson said he was grateful for the opportunity provided by Sukhai to respond to the claims that he called “complete hogwash”, a remark that he later withdrew at the request of the Committee Chairman. “I withdraw the word ‘hogwash’ and I want to make it clear that Exxon Mobil is not a political entity that provides financial or other support to political parties here,” Henson said when asked by Lumumba.

From Government side, Government member of the National Resources Committee, Ronald Bulkan clarified that the Green State Development Strategy is “not a political initiative, it is a government initiative”.

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Taxes / Duties on Import of Vehicles in Guyana

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How to calculate the import duty on vehicles in Guyana?

As per information provided by Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) on their website, there are 2 levels of slabs apply on import of vehicles in Guyana. The slabs apply on age of vehicles from the date of its manufacturing. Each slab further classified by variation in capacity of engine. 

      1. Slab apply on vehicles manufactured in last four years. They are categorized as under,

  • Vehicles up to 1500 cc
  • Vehicles between 1500 cc to 1800 cc
  • Vehicles between 1800 cc to 2000 cc
  • Vehicles between 2000 cc to 3000 cc     
  • Vehicles above 3000 cc   

      2. Slab apply on vehicles manufactured in beyond four yeas. They are categorized as under

  • Vehicles up to 1000 cc
  • Vehicles between 1000 cc to 1500 cc
  • Vehicles between 1500 cc to 1800 cc
  • Vehicles between 1800 cc to 2000 cc
  • Vehicles between 2000 cc to 3000 cc     
  • Vehicles above 3000 cc 

Calculations and Details

You may visit the GRA website to get the information and calculation guide, Guyana Revenue Authority


Motor Vehicle Import Policy of Guyana

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Motor Vehicles Import in Guyana

As per information available on website of Guyana Revenue Authority, there are restrictions on import of vehicles in Guyana if the manufacturing year of vehicle is older than 8 years. The restrictions apply on the vehicles type like Cars, SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles), Vans, Buses, and Pickups.

The said import policy of vehicles was announced in the Federal Budget of 1916 in Guyana. Minister of Finance took this measure and the policy was implemented from May 1, 2016 after approval of National Budget on March 14, 2016.

How to contact?

The website has mentioned a helpline number to contact the GRA (Guyana Revenue Authority).

For contact number and to browse the promulgation you may vistit Guyana Revenue Authority



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