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Used Toyota Corolla Axio Automatic 1.5L Petrol, Silver Model 1913 for Sale

Toyota Corolla Axio Silver Automatic 1.5L Petrol,  1913

Toyota Corolla Axio is a 5 passengers 4 doors sedan car first released in 2006 in Japan. The 2013 Corolla Axio got some refresher with its Headlamps, bumpers, grille and alloy wheel. Some interior modification was also performed in 2013 model of Corolla Axio. There you find power assist equipped rack&pinion steering, safety airbags, and spacious seating space along with other features.

Offer to Sell Corolla Axio 2013

Car Junction Company offers this Used Toyota Corolla Axio Automatic 1.5L Petrol, Silver Model 1913 for Sale. The right hand drive silver color grade-4 good condition car is equipped with additional and standard features like Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Power Window, Power Mirror, Anti-lock Braking System, Central Locking, and Dual AirBags.


Most Demanding Motor Vehicles in Guyana

Nissan X-Trail Silver AT 2008

Used Motor Vehicles for Guyana

Guyana is one of the important regional markets of automobile as far as used vehicles are concerned. A significant number of used vehicles are imported from Japan each year by individuals and car dealers. Due to difficult economic conditions the trend of using brand new vehicles has been declined all over the world. Guyana is not the exception and people used to import their favorite cars ranging from few months to 7 years old as per vehicle import policy of Guyana.

Using cars are not luxury but it’s a necessary commodity item for efficient and economical travelling. The vehicle user selects the vehicle as per their desirability, vehicles usability and financial feasibility. The rough and rainy climate and muddy terrains of Guyana attracts vehicles like SUVs, Hatchback, and Station Wagons. Sedans are also used by Guyanese as per their travelling requirement and available budget to buy and maintained a car.

Make and Brands of Vehicles for Guyana

Toyota Corolla Axio 2013

Toyota Brands are one of the most popular brands in Guyana. Figure shows that Corolla Fielder is one of the most favorite MPV and Toyota Rush is one of the most preferred SUV being imported by Guyanese auto users. The climatic and travelling conditions also suit to drive Toyota Hilux Pickups as private or light commercial vehicle. Apart from Toyota, Nissan Vehicles which includes wagons, SUVs and hatchback like Nissan X-Trail, Nissan Juke, Nissan Dualis, and Nissan Wingroad are among the favorite vehicles imported in Guyana. Subaru Sambar a micro van and a mini truck, are also kind of vehicles imported from Japan in Guyana. Probox Vans and Toyota Hiace Vans fulfill their requirement quite effectively as light commercial vehicles.



Car Junction Company offers brand new and used vehicles. We have at least 3 decades of experience of exporting vehicles from Japan to various countries around the globe. To select a car of your choice please visit our website by clicking here or browse around this blog to find a vehicle best suited to you. Please feel free to contact us for further inquiries.


Used Toyota Corolla Axio Sedan Automatic 2013 1.5L Petrol for Sale

Toyota Corolla Axio White Automatic 2013 1.5L Petrol

Toyota Corolla Axio 2013 is a 4 doors and 5 seats sedan car best suited for families looking to buy a low cost vehicle with comfort, safety and reliability. With inline 4 cylinder DOHC type engine, front wheel drive automatic transmission, and power assisted steering it is a dependable and trust worth car.

Ventilated disk front brake and drum on the rear side, automated air conditioner, power windows, central switches, Driver’s air bag, Front passenger air bag, Side airbags, Anti-lock braking system, TRC, Safety belts with tensioner, Safety belts with efforts’ limiters, Brake assist, and navigation screen are some of the features of Toyota Corolla Axio 2013.

Offer to Sell Toyota Corolla Axio 2013

Car Junction Company offers this Used Toyota Corolla Axio Sedan Automatic 2013 1.5L Petrol for Sale. 1.5L Petrol fueled Right Hand Drive (RHD) vehicle has 4.5 Grade good condition with 57065 miles on its credit.

Used Toyota Aqua Hatchback Automatic 1.5L Hybrid Y-2012 for Sale

Toyota Aqua Orange Hatchback Automatic 1.5L Hybrid 2012

Toyota Aqua can be described an economical vehicle in a sense that the hybrid power-train demand a low price with higher fuel economy. The full hybrid gasoline-electric subcompact hatchback was introduced in 2011 by Toyota Motor Corporation Japan. Its VVT-i gasoline engine of 1.5L DOHC four-cylinder, 16-valve runs in combination with hybrid system, supported by a high voltage battery and inverter. The hatchback engine is also equipped with a smaller auxiliary 12 volt battery.

Offer to Sell Aqua Hatchback Car 2012

Car Junction Company offers this Used Toyota Aqua Hatchback Automatic 1.5L Hybrid Y-2012 for Sale. The automatic transmission system hybrid car is installed with additional features like Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Power Window, Power Mirror, Anti-lock Braking System, Central Locking, and Dual AirBags.

Toyota Rav4 GX Automatic 2.0L Petrol Y-2018 for Sale

Brand New Toyota Rav4 GX SUV Automatic 2018, 2.0L Petrol

Toyota RAV4 is a compact crossover SUV produced by Toyota. The brand new vehicle has transformed the vehicle in an ultimate SUV with increased cargo room, enhanced technological features, and increased safety measures. Along with interiors the sports utility vehicle presented a sleek and athletic design structure to compete with the contemporary vehicles of same class.

The exterior elements are composed of LED headlamps, daytime running lights, Fog lights, auto adjusted high beams, rear spoiler, power adjusted mirrors, Sporty roof rails etc.
The interior is decorated with leather seating and modern era equipment necessary for such class of sporty vehicles. Adjustable and foldable seats, Seat heaters on front side, tilt and telescopic steering column and steering wheel with control switches.

The SUV is equipped with many Instruments and Controls. Few of them are smart entry and smart system, active cruise control, dual-zone automatic climate control and blind spot monitor.

The brand new Toyota RAV4 is not only competitive in its design and instruments, the vehicle provide a wide range of safety features for its riders. Anti-Lock braking system ABS, brake force distribution EBD, vehicle stability control VSC, Pre-collision Safety system PCS, brake assist BA, hill start assist control HAC, Safety Airbags and reversing camera are some of the safety features you find in sports utility RAV4.

Navigation and entertainment with Bluetooth connectivity is also a prominent features of this Toyota RAV4 as offer by Car Junction Company to sell.

Taxes / Duties on Import of Vehicles in Guyana

Guyana Flag

How to calculate the import duty on vehicles in Guyana?

As per information provided by Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) on their website, there are 2 levels of slabs apply on import of vehicles in Guyana. The slabs apply on age of vehicles from the date of its manufacturing. Each slab further classified by variation in capacity of engine. 

      1. Slab apply on vehicles manufactured in last four years. They are categorized as under,

  • Vehicles up to 1500 cc
  • Vehicles between 1500 cc to 1800 cc
  • Vehicles between 1800 cc to 2000 cc
  • Vehicles between 2000 cc to 3000 cc     
  • Vehicles above 3000 cc   

      2. Slab apply on vehicles manufactured in beyond four yeas. They are categorized as under

  • Vehicles up to 1000 cc
  • Vehicles between 1000 cc to 1500 cc
  • Vehicles between 1500 cc to 1800 cc
  • Vehicles between 1800 cc to 2000 cc
  • Vehicles between 2000 cc to 3000 cc     
  • Vehicles above 3000 cc 

Calculations and Details

You may visit the GRA website to get the information and calculation guide, Guyana Revenue Authority


Toyota Rush Black Automatic 2011 mini SUV 1.5L Petrol for Sale

Used Toyota Rush Black Automatic 2011 mini SUV 1.5L Petrol for Sale

Toyota Rush was evolved from The Daihatsu Terios. It is a mini SUV, first released in 1997 by the Japanese car manufacturer Daihatsu. Daihatsu designed and manufacture the Terios and also supplies the vehicle to Toyota under a consigned/OEM manufacturing agreement. The fully air conditioner car with front fog lights and rear fog lights, power window, automatic gear, safety belts with tensioner has many other standard and extra features. Car Junction Company offer this Used Toyota Rush Black Automatic 2011, 1.5L Petrol for Sale.


Please click here to browse our contact us page for further enquiries or simply fill the given form to get in touch.


Toyota IST Blue Automatic 1.5L Petrol Y-2011 for Sale

Toyota IST Blue AT 5 Seats 1.5L Petrol 2011

Toyota IST 2011 was a 5-door subcompact hatchback car started its production in July 2007 as a second generation. It was also popularly known as Scion XD and Toyota Urban Cruiser multi-purpose vehicle. This trendy and sleek stylish hatchback car was based on a front-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive in Japan.


Exterior Design offers a sporty design aerodynamic structure which is comprised of bigger LED Headlights, front metallic grille, front bumper, lower grille, power side mirror with LED turn signal indicator lights, and alloy wheels. On the rear side, it also provides a nice catchy display look added with rear spoiler high mount stop light, LED taillights, rear fog lights, rear bumper, exhaust chrome tailpipe emission, and black transparent rear windscreen with attached intermittent wiper.


Interior Design offers a true sense of luxury and comfort with 5 passenger leather seating accommodation. The seating provides wide capacity of legroom with ease of headrest for all passengers. The rear side cargo trunk offers a vast extensive storage and loading capacity with swinging open tailgate. Moreover, the front side dashboard cockpit panel adds a fancy appeal and the vehicle is equipped with added features like air-conditioning, power steering, power windows, anti-lock braking system, central locking, Navigation TV, seatbelts, and dual airbags.

Offer to Sell Toyota IST 2011  

It is a right-hand fuel-efficient Front Wheel Drive hatchback fitted with 1.5 liters of gasoline engine and powered by CVT Automatic Transmission. Car Junction Company offer to sell this Toyota IST Blue Automatic 1.5L Petrol Y-2011 with specifications and features as provided.


Toyota HiAce 2010 Black Automatic 2.0L Petrol for Sale

Used HiAce Black Automatic 5-Seats Y-2010

The automobile giant Toyota Japan introduced a light commercial van “Toyota HiAce” in 1967. Since then the automobile market has witnessed a wide range of variation of body configurations of Toyota HiAce, including a minivan/MPV, minibus, panel van, crew van, pick-up, taxi, and an ambulance.

The prominent exporter of used Japanese vehicles, Car Junction Company offers to sell this Toyota HiAce 2010 Black Automatic 2.0L Petrol for its Guyana chapter. The 5 door black HiAce has many standard and extra features as detailed in featured tab. 






Nissan Juke 5 seats Automatic 2011, 1.5L Petrol

Nissan Juke 5 seats Automatic 2011 white 1.5L Petrol for Sale

Nissan Juke, a subcompact crossover SUV produced by the Japanese manufacturer Nissan. The Juke was primarily designed based on Nissan’s global B platform. The compact looking crossover sporty vehicles type Juke is a kind of itself. The style and comfortable interiors with turbo charged engine makes it beyond an economy car family.  

The front profile reflects an array of lights. Running lamps and indicators are mounted atop the front wings, their lenses visible from inside the cabin as an aid to maneuvering. The main headlamps are placed under the lower edges of an expansive, curved grille, fog lamps are situated on a third level within the sump guard at the bottom. Seating arrangements are for five, two in front, three in back. The rear seats have a 60/40 split and can be folded down independently.  

Offer to Sell

Car Junction Company offer to sell this Nissan Juke 5 seats Automatic 2011 1.5L Petrol in Guyana. 

Nissan Juke AT

Nissan Juke



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