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All Electric Car Nissan Leaf 2012 for Sale

Front Wheel Drive all Electric Car Nissan Leaf 2012

The environment friendly all electric car Nissan Leaf was first introduced by car manufacturer Nissan. This compact 5 doors hatchback was initially launched in Japan in 2010, and it was subsequently adapted by European countries and Canada. Being a vehicle of no tailpipe pollution or greenhouse gas emissions it was largely welcomed. It has been distinguished as the 1st electric car manufactured in bulk quantity by a vehicle manufacturer. Calculations reveal that its running cost is one third to one quarter as compare to gasoline cars. Don’t try to figure out the number of cylinders or power output in terms of horsepower in its engine as the Nissan Leaf is propelled by an electric motor driving which gives you output in kilowatts.

Offer to Sell Nissan Leaf 2012

Car Junction Company offers to sell this Nissan Leaf front wheel drive all electric car to automobile market in Guyana.

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